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Blogs or not really sure

First of all I wanna say that my daily blogs are gonna stop for about 14 days because not a lot is happening and I'm lazy, I also wanna workout what the future of these daily blogs will be, I could definitely squeeze one in daily but I also wanna write other stuff. I love writing my daily blogs but sometimes it feels like I'm pigeonholing myself so I wanna make more variety blogs. I guess bulletins are kind of variety blogs but I don't know. Maybe the daily blogs will come back in a different form after the 14 day break. It honestly depends on how I feel then and there's no way of knowing unless someone has a time machine and if you do, then I'd like to use it for a few things but that's beside the point. 

I used to make dumb as shit blogs all the time. They were bad, they were so stupid. Don't go look at Them or do, I'm not your boss. I wanna make stuff like that again. Maybe I will, I don't know. We'll see.

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Take yr time ^o^ we’ll always be here to follow your journey

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Thank you kindly, CYBERDEN!!! I will take my time!!

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