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bum blum bum bum bummmmmm

im drunk and my ex bf is being mean to me and this reminds me of back when I was living with my ex and I would rant about him on here. like I am an accomplished baby journalist who is going to get her masters and here I am ranting on an anonymous space hey account about her ex who she is currently still in contact with and opt with. aren't I pathetic, he cheated (he says he was taken advantage of bc of the presence of drujs and alcoho/ and it was his first time doing ccccookkkeee) and but after we broke up kept hanging with her because he had "nothing better to do" or because he thought we were done for good and had no chance at getting back with me.... I don't know I feel like I just need to drop this boy and pick up a new book or hobby... I start Spanish classes next semsteer tho at the community college even though I just graduated with my bachelors.... and I am looking forward to reading this book called negative space and Angela Davis's freedom is a constant struggle... need to go read on a college campus find me a real man instead of one with zero goals, no loyalty just drifting aimlessly... honestly I get it capitalism is very hard to escape but I have friends who are archivists, computer scientists, researching their family genealogy just because, starting magazines, organizing protests, gofundmes for people in other countries and here u are.... nothing... Jesus do something omg instead of leeching off of me for a personality and using said personality to befriend other women.... bum

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