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More Creations (art blog)

Hello! I'm putting more art here! I find myself really preferring uploading art here than anywhere else. I feel unsafe doing it anywhere else. So here is a display of my older art. I don't draw as much as I wish to... I just need ideas, really.

These aren't really in any order, just generally newest to oldest until the one labelled as my first, then whatever comes after is just what I found while looking for art lol!

I really like using art as a medium to portray myself how I'd like to be seen, or how I see myself! I also just like using it to draw cute creatures, but that's less pained artist of me...

An entry for an art contest, of a catfish playing
Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch

(It was meant to be my favorite animal, but I
can't really draw sharks confidently and I think
baby spotted catfish are the cutest)
A drawing of my sona (with a trout tail)
as a mail delivery person (inspired by this tweet)

My very first drawing of my sona! She is a robot
shark girl. I generally change whatever I want
about her whenever I draw her because my
identity is as stable as... an unstable element.
A sea witch I designed and drew during a science
class! (I withdrew from it... O O" But it worked out!)
My pou madsterpiece
(I forgot what prompted me to draw it)
My very first art piece! At least the first properly
attributed to me. I'm sure I've probably made
something before, I just wasn't Me at that point.
It is a Pou. Because my partner and I are
obsessed with the sad pou
Oh god this is in no proper order. But this is a
Murder Drones sona I designed! The original
doodle I did is in the bottom right. I did the
sketch for this piece, but our host did the rest!
Inspired by me doing well in my piano lessons lol!
Drawn during D&D! I don't know why the text is
up here but I'm too lazy to fix it...

And finally doodles done during teacher observation!

Oh my god How could I forget baby cats very cute the original?! I drew this with my finger for my partner, combining kittens and baby catfish.

I enjoy drawing with my finger on IbisPaint because it's easiest, drawing with a tablet pen makes my perfectionist-ism kick in.

Anyways, that's been my art. Thank you for taking a peek! I don't usually have a lot to draw, so if anyone sees this and wants me to draw something for them I'd love to take a shot!

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SOO CUTE RFFR the Pou the thing love - BUg

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