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Fazbear's new project (A FNAF fanmade creepypasta)


- The following fanfiction you are about to read is not inspired by or related to the canon/official Five Nights at Freddy's lore by Scott Cawthon himself, and therefore should not be criticized for it's accuracy to that particular version of the lore.

- This is heavily based off the fan-made YouTube series created by Tony Crynight (I would heavily recommend checking out that series if you haven't, mainly because of spoilers and also this fanfiction might not make sense otherwise.), and also the famous My Little Pony creepypasta "Cupcakes"

- Also important to note when reviewing this: This actually happens to be the first creepy-pasta I have written (and the first fanfiction I have made outside of some really crappy ones I made on Wattpad some time ago), so there may be some flaws and errors that I have made, and for that, I apologize.

- One last thing I want to mention this creepypasta contains themes and topics that some readers might find disturbing, including but not limited to the following:

     - Murder

     - torture

     - NSFW

     - Gore

- If you are uncomfortable with or are easily triggered by these topics, please click off now.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy.


    ...eep beep beep beep  beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep...

   Springtrap slowly woke up as his alarm clock had gone off, the beeping having gone off for a good solid minute. his hand missed the snooze button a couple of times until he was successfully able to hit it with his fist, and he slowly rose up, still pretty tired.

  "ehgh.... What-... time is it...?'' He gazed over at the time displayed on the clock, his vision still a little blurry from him waking up, until things started to look more clear. The time read 9:38 AM.

  "SHIT, I'M GONNA BE LATE!!" Springtrap yelled in a panic, quickly getting up and rushing to get ready for the day. Today was the first day that Springtrap would be working for the pizzeria as a security guard, to save up enough money to move out and hopefully restart Fredbear's Family Diner from scratch in the town over, and therefore finally get his old life back.

  Or, that was what he thought today was going to be.

  As he was struggling to get on his vest, already having gotten on the rest of his uniform, He looked over at the calendar. The current date was Thursday, October 18, 2007, and the date his first shift was on wasn't until the following Tuesday. Springtrap sighed out of relief, and went to get back into his pajamas, when the phone rings. Springtrap went to go answer the phone. 


  "Hey spring, it's Bonnie. You don't mind coming over to my workshop real quick, I need a little help with something, and Chica's on her shift right now."

  "Sure, on my way." 

  Springtrap quickly got on his casual clothing, got on his bike and rode over to the pizzeria, which was a block away. he was about to reach the plaza the pizzeria was located at, when he immediately felt something sharp hit the back of his neck, causing him to fall over.

  "GYEK-- WHAT THE-... FUuhck..." Springtrap yelled out of pain as he instantly begun to feel drowsy. He pulled out the sharp thing that stabbed his neck, revealing it to be a tranquillizer. he collapsed to the ground as a car pulled up just a foot away from him. He saw a bear-like figure in a black trench coat come out of the car and walk over to him before he blacked out.

  Springtrap started to slowly regain consciousness, his vision blurred once again, as if he had woken up, and his ears were ringing from the drugs that were in that tranquillizer. he carefully looked around the dark room he was in as the affects of said drugs started to wear off, and noticed that there were was surgical equipment, some other weird devices, and in a corner across from him.. dead bodies??

  It didn't take long for Springtrap to realize: He had been kidnapped. 

  He struggled to move his arms and legs before realizing he was restrained on a four-point board. His heart began to race out of panic as he kept trying, but failed due to the strength of the restraints. Just then, He heard a door open, and that bear person came down the stairs, only this time, in a lab coat, goggles and a surgical mask.

  "well, well, well, what subject do i have here today?" said the bear person.

  Springtrap tried to scream out of panic, but to no evail, he couldn't. He realized in that moment that he had been muzzled.

  "I wouldn't bother trying to get out of those restraints if I were you. They're made out of the strongest metals on the market, it's gonna take a lot of strength and energy to even put a dent into those. Besides, even if you did manage to get out, that's not gonna stop me from my little... project, essentially." The bear person commented, chuckling at his own comment.

  Springtrap sat there as the bear like figure walked over to a desk that had a tray of one of the devices, and he looked down as he began to panic, realizing he was probably going to die. The bear person took off his goggles and mask, and turned around, and Springtrap was left in pure shock.

  It was Freddy.

  "But... why would he do this to me?? I thought he forgave me by now and--" Springtrap thought to himself as Freddy grabbed a needle with a tube attached to the bottom, the other end of the tube being attached to a large container of some sorts. 

  "Now, before i begin my work, I'll just need to drain your blood a little bit. The public knowing about this be bad for business ya know." Freddy said as he pushed a button on another desk that caused the four-point board to turn horizontally, turning it into a table essentially. After the board finished rotating, Freddy walked over to Springtrap, and touched the needle against Springtrap's wrist.

  "I can tell from the look on your face that you're a little stressed about this. Now, there's nothing to worry about just yet, I won't be cutting you open until you're nice and numb enough. Let's get started, shall we?" Freddy said as he gently scraped the needle against Springtrap's arm, all the way up to his elbow, where a vein was located. Freddy pressed the needle into the skin and all the way into the muscle, and Springtrap jerked back from the pain. Immediately, blood started to flood into the needle and through the tube, eventually going into the container. Freddy walked over to the desks and grabbed a device from one of the trays. 

  "Might I say, your eyes do look pretty lovely if I say so myself. Mind if I... take a look?" he said as he walked over back to Springtrap. Immediately Springtrap began to turn his head away, and Freddy pushed a small button on the table which pushed Springtrap's head into a fixed position. Freddy installed the device into Springtrap's eye sockets, which was incredibly painful for Springtrap, and begun to adjust it to force his eyes to open. Freddy then grabbed an eye droplet that contained a liquid of some sorts, and began to drip it into Springtrap's eyes. Springtrap began to scream in agony, his screamed being muffled by the muzzle, but Freddy didn't seem to be bothered at all. Instead, he just smirked out of pleasure. 

  After he finished, Freddy took off the eye opening device and put it back with the rest of the torture devices, and picked up a scalpel and a rubber gag of some sort. He walked back to Springtrap and pressed a button on the muzzle which opened it from the front, and Freddy moved it to where Springtrap's mouth was visible. 

  "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? IF IT'S ABOUT THE FOXY THING I'M SORRY, REALLY I AM, I JUST--" Springtrap shouted before getting interrupted by Freddy.

  "Oh I know that you're sorry about that." Freddy said as he pointed the scalpel to his lips. "But you of all people should know how horrible it must feel to lose your best friend." He placed the gag inside Springtrap's mouth, forcing his mouth open, and placed the scalpel into Springtrap's mouth, seemingly about to cut Springtrap's tounge off. "And you know how I care deeply about my best friends." 

  Just as he was about to make an incision, the phone on one of the desks rang. Immediately, Freddy took out the gag and closed the muzzle. "I'll be right back." Freddy said as he put the gag and scalpel down and walked over to the phone. He answered the phone.

  "Hello, this is Freddy Fazbear."

 "Uh, hey Freddy, this is Bonnie." 

 "Oh hey Bonnie! How are you this evening?"

 "I'm doing okay, but do you know where springtrap's at? I called him earlier today cause I needed help with something and he didn't show up." 

 "Oh, I'm sorry, I actually went to call him today, he didn't pick up. Think he might've had to run an errand or something." Freddy turned to springtrap, glaring at him.

 "Oh, okay. I'll just call him tomorrow and see if he's there. But I did get what I needed taken caren of though!"

 "That's good. Anyway I'm actually a little busy with something right now, but I'll see you and the others tomorrow!" 

  Freddy hung up the phone and walked back over to Springtrap. "Now, where was I? Ah yes.." Freddy unlocked the muzzle once again and reinserted the gag to Springtrap's mouth, then proceeded to cut springtrap's tounge out, bit by bit. Springtrap screamed in agony as his tounge was mercilessly sliced off, the blood dripping down into his throat, causing him to choke slightly, and freddy's face was painted with blood. 

  Freddy stopped and remuzzled springtrap when only half of his tounge was left, and he placed the cut off part onto an empty metal tray. As springtrap begun to feel much more drowsier from the loss of blood, Freddy grabbed yet another torture device, and a syringe with some sort of liquid in it. Seemed like springtrap was gonna be tortured all night from the looks of it.

  Freddy walked back over to Springtrap and went down to his crotch area.

  Oh god, was he about to get raped by him??? He was terrified, but being too tired to do anything about it due to the blood loss and the restraints being so strong, there was nothing he could do, so he just braced himself for him to both lose his dignity and life to whatever he was about to endure.

  Freddy unzipped Springtrap's pants, and stuck the syringe into one of the veins, causing Springtrap to have a forced boner. Freddy then placed a container over Springtrap's penis and then placed the torture device underneath the balls. Freddy turned on the device, and immediately, gripped on to the base of Springtrap's penis and began vibrating. Springtrap moaned, not in an orgasmatic way, but rather out of agony, as the container began to fill with his sperm, and freddy walked back to the desk to readjust the table. After a while, Freddy came and turned off the device, then unattached everything, cupping the container over the tip to let the last bit of sperm come out.

  Springtrap sat there, still moaning from the pain that whatever that device caused, and looked down to see the sperm filled container in Freddy's hands, watching as he brought it back to his desk and paced a lid on it, then went to go plae it in a cabinet filled with other containers.

  All springtrap could think about in those moments was, "what the hell does this guy need my sperm for..??"

  Freddy paused for a moment before speaking again. "Oh! forgot to do something!" Freddy chuckled to himself as he went to grab what looks to be a butcher's knife, then come and pressed the button that moved the four point board back into a table once again. Freddy then proceeded to place it underneath Springtrap's balls, now shrivelled from the previous form of torture, and licked his lips, smirking in the process. In an instant, Springtrap felt a sharp, agonizing cut against his crotch, and his face turned from tired and exhausted to pure agony. Springtrap screamed from the excruciating pain that he felt, as his crotch began to bleed out. He has never felt so much pain in his entire life, and cried as he sat there in pure agony. 

  He then threw up in his mouth, the stomach acid leaking out of the muzzle, and began to choke on his own vomit. The jerking movements had caused him to accidentally hit Freddy in the face. Freddy then jerked back, and in that moment, one of his fangs had came out, chipped. In an instant, Freddy's face went from shocked to rage. He then got up and glared at Springtrap, who was struggling to breathe. "struggling to stay still, I see. Well, don't worry my little bun bun. We're getting to the last part." He went into a closet and opened it, which revealed a large chainsaw, covered in dry blood from his last victims. Springtrap looked over at the chainsaw in terror, and a tear shed down his face, him realizing these were going to be his last moments alive. 

  Freddy grabbed the chainsaw out of the closet, and pulled the string used to activate it with his mouth. "It's such a shame that you had to go, Spring Bonnie, but, you would make some really good parts for my next animatronic. We'll just have to SEE WHAT YOU GOT INSIDE!" Freddy began to laugh hysterically as he pressed the chainsaw against Springtrap's chest, which began to cut him open. Springtrap screamed and cried out of agony, and his entire life began to flash before his very eyes and he slowly was cut open. The memories of his childhood with Fredbear, the diner, the friends he made along the way, him being forgiven, and the little girl were flashing before his very eyes, as Freddy began to pull out Springtrap's internal organs, cutting them out one by one. Springtrap began to slowly fell himself die as the flesh and blood came out of him before closing his eyes, and taking his last breath.

  As freddy had gotten the last bits of flesh out of Springtrap's dead body, he suddenly heard loud banging on the door that lead upstairs. ".....what the--"

  In an instant, several SWAT agents rushed in and surrounded Freddy, and raided the basement. The SWAT agents then tackled him and put him in handcuffs, dragging him out to the SWAT van parked outside, with several police cars surrounding the area. As freddy was being escorted into the van, he saw Bonnie, alongside other neighbors, standing there watching. Freddy began to cuss out bonnie, but was then tazed and put into the van.

  Several months later, Freddy had been put into an insane asylum, locked up and restrained with a straight jacket and muzzle. He sat there, pissed about ending up in jail like this, but especially pissed at Bonnie for calling the police on him, when some guards came and put him on a restraint board. Today was the day he was going to be executed for what happened months ago. He was taken to the place where he would be executed, and saw all of his friends amongst the crowd of people who were watching. They all were clearly angry and upset about what freddy had done to Springtrap, and freddy glared at them before the blindfold was placed onto him.  he was then strapped down to the electric chair, and the intercom went off. 

  "Frederick Jeremy Fazbear, today you are being executed and your business is being fined on account of the following crimes: 6 counts of first degree homicide, 6 counts of kidnapping, 6 counts of torture, 5 counts of child slaughter, 1 count of third degree homicide, several counts of capital market fraud, and several counts of bribery. do you have any last words to say?"

  Freddy was silent for a few seconds before he chuckled and began to speak.

  "I always come back."

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