some creations

I've made a few things with my hands recently here they are

A block print of a catfish image I am really fond of, I might go back and refine some of the lines near the head and try and remove stray bits on the bottom text but otherwise I am happy with it, being my (personal) first shot at blockprinting :-)  If anyone really likes it I can probably mail them a little stamp print of it. I know people make patches out of these, so if I find somewhere to sew it onto I might do that (our battle vest is almost full).
Here is the stamp itself, carved by hand using Speedball tools!
Now that I really stare at it I want to go back and remove some of the smaller parts around the fish's spots...
When I originally transferred the art onto the rubber stamp I was disappointed to see the text was mirrored and got to work trying to erase and flip them manually...until I realized it was supposed to be flipped, because it is a stamp that is going to flip when stamped... -_- Not my brightest moment but I learned a valuable lesson of "STOP DOING THIS TO YOURSELF!!!!"

Here is a thing I drew during last night's D&D session. It was fun, I just enjoy having something to d o with my hands while I play, especially during online D&D.

I don't know where my sudden crosshatching came from but I am a big fan of how it looks.

...That is all I have actually, I started working on a fishfolk design in the session but I got absorbed back into session by combat and forgot to finish it. I have been trying to design a deep sea warlock for a while that isn't just Grand Voyage Miku, as much as I'd want to play someone with her outfit lol. I had made the little sheep girl I posted a while back (her name is Bonnabel!) with intention of her being a druid or cleric, but I quickly became invested in that warlock subclass instead and really want to make a different character for that. I am not very good at designing things though. I am trying. I want to make them a warforged or a fishy creature, or maybe something small to fit with the rest of my small party.

I've been wanting to draw some more, but I get a bit anxious uploading my things, until I realized I can upload them here! I might upload more of my things here from now on. I think I want to make more sea critter block prints, but I'll need more rubber blocks for that.

Thank you for looking at my images!

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ahh these are so lovely !! i love your art sm, ty for sharing ! :D

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Thank you so much! Q.Q

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