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guh. I'm tired.

I'm just...


But that doesn't really matter. But yeah. I mean it's okay? To be tired? Tired is okay. I like it. 

Sometimes I can't really think of any words because I am tired. And yeah. Just usin' lots of filler words. Yeah. Uhhh ummm.

I feel like everyone deserves at least one point in their life where they just feel...content. Happy and satisfied. Yeah. 

Lately I haven't been talking to my friends but I hope they don't think I hate them :'] I have just been upset lately. I'm not upset anymore, the past is gone and cannot harm me. I should send some of them memes or something. Yeah. I'm gonna do that tomorrow.

I don't know who's reading this but despite you probably being a random stranger on the Internet that's reading this random blog, also written by random stranger, I hope that whenever you need a fish, you will find fish. Take that as you will or something.

Anyways I'm gonna doze off honk shoooo mimimimimiii

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