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I apologize. I apologize for the way things ended between us, it was not my intent to leave us with bad blood. U were my everything, and yet u failed to realize that; u failed me. I spoke of us name as royalty when we were tg, and now? like u meant nothing, like u are nothing. bc u aren’t to me anymore. my once admirement and love for u has finally turned to resentment and disappointment. For i am disappointed in myself, to not realize the signs that were not only clearly told to me, i wanted to be oblivious for things to work out between us. So as much as i want to say i hate u, i don’t. U were everything, and part of me still believes this. But u can unfollow me and act like u don’t care, but i know it’s not true. i know u, and i hope ur hurting as much as i was bc of u trinity.

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