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Day 65 of procrastinating until i get a girlfriend and then we break up and then some sort of league of evil exes forms

I didn't do anything but it is my holiday so I'll have days like this. I went over to a friend’s house all day. I'll be lenient with myself during the holiday, of course, if I have nothing days during school then it's joever but for now, it's fine. That does mean that I get to ramble. 

For my next review, I need to rewatch Scott Pilgrim vs The World and so it's been on the brain and then yesterday (day 65 is yesterday) I saw a tiktok about this person saying that they want to be an evil ex or something. I'll link it, Here it is and wouldn't that just be awesome. I do need to preface, if I do manage to get a girlfriend and then we break up, I'm not going to prey on our downfall and of course, I'm not going to prey on the downfall of her future relationships. 

I guess it's more of a Cape Fear thing or a Majima thing for all you gaymers out there. Ok, maybe not Cape Fear, just the Majima thing. I just mean like, imagine I'm an evil ex, the couple decides to go bowling and guess what, I'm there, I've got a bowling team and I'm ready, I'm gonna destroy them at bowling. Or if the girlfriend is watching her partner's sports match, guess what the other team couldn't make it but I could. Maybe I'm just too competitive. I'd of course love to have a catchy tune. It's all about the showmanship. Anyway, I've got other thoughts.

Ok, I was at my friend's house yesterday and I love spending time with him but yesterday, I just kinda wanted to spend some time on my own and I guess I wasn't aware of what I was saying but I never realized how mean I am, I wasn't like being disrespectful or anything, I was just being so sassy. We were playing Mario Wonder, it's a great game and I was enjoying myself but I had no idea how sassy I was being and he was like why are you being so sassy and I didn't know how to respond to that.

I think it's my love language, if I don't like someone, I'll ignore them but if I'm close with someone, they get to see how mean i can be but it comes from a place of love. I still had a good time though. 

I think that is all. See you tomorrow or later today and thank you for reading this!

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IVE WENT THREE DAYS WITHOUT READING UR BLOG NOOOO!!! tests have been kicking my butt ): great entry as always tho

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