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A blog thingy :3

Today feels nice.

I mean, every day feels nice, but not necessarily when we experience it. 

Lately I haven't been talking to my friends and I'm afraid that they think I hate them. 

I dunno.

I feel sorta melancholy nowadays but that's okay. 

It's just something I can look back and laugh at. Possibly smile at. 

When I think of my present as a memory in the making, it makes it a bit easier to look at life fondly. Almost as if it were already a memory. 

Hm. I dunno. 

Anyways, pineapple tastes good on pizza. It does. Some people hate it, but personally I love it. Bad choice, but happy mouth. 

(made this a while ago but it was private b4  now I unprivated it and the world can sort of see it :)

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