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I hate my brother (vent)

I wish he wouldn't constantly dehumanize me because I'm the not social norms. He's not cis or straight and he's neurodivergent so you would think he would at know how it feels and not continue that train of behavior and dehumanize me because I'm different as well. If he could have me sent to a hospital he would. Sorry I find comfort and a sense of belonging somewhere besides what you think is right. It doesn't help that I can't tell anyone as then I'll just be targeted by them too. My own parents sure, wouldn't accept his behavior, but they would agree I need metal help?? It's stupid, none of this is hurting anyone else or myself. It's just a form of identification that comforts me and feels right. If you don't like it stop talking about it and bashing me for it. I'm not fucking mentally insane I'm not a narcissist. 

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