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Working lady

I haven’t been here in over a month. Anyways, I’ve been a working…person. Sometimes I’ll use woman, other times I don’t. The job is fucking easy and it’s retail. When I say I HATE fast food. Like…maybe I do need to get that diagnosis but I cannot function in fast paced environments. Too much time thinking about giving people their food in under two minutes? Two fucking minutes? Not to mention, most or some fast food places are understaffed. So now you can’t even fucking take a break or shit. Besides that, I was also very sick this weekend. I feel much better now but when I opened my eyes that Saturday. I thought I had fucking died. Like my body was aching and my throat was stupid sore. Then I was high so I couldn’t really tell if the weed had me groggy or the sickness. Luckily, my body fought it back and all I worry about is coughing up the phlegm. Sorry for this rant but phlegm LOOKS disgusting. Like it’s all puffy and white or yellow colored. If you have a weak stomach, my bad. I felt like I was six when I was sick. Cause I was so fucking shocked like..?? Anyways, I get that check Friday and it’s my off day. You don’t know how much this shit MEANS TO ME!! Like okay…only doing five hours but I should be at home. Thinking of rather to read some Spiderverse fics or watch conspiracy theories on YouTube…which brings me to my next blog. 

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