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'family artist' :/

Category: Life

being the 'family artist' (for lack of better term. lord save me.) is like actually stressful sometimes. because i always have to draw something for somebody's birthday, but my parents show no interest in my art and it makes me scared to even make somehthing for them because they probably wont care about it. i definitely love art but i just feel like nobody else cares about it even when i make som... » Continue Reading

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blomg introoror!!!

Category: Blogging

welcome to my blog if ur interested in me here's some more in-depth stuff about me i recently became super interested in military stuff but like nobody wants me to rant about it so i'll probably be yodeling on about that here, on top of that i'm super obsessed with my ocs and oc lore so i might have ongoing blog entries about them, im drawing almost constantly. might post some art here. im also in... » Continue Reading

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