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Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

If you're new to witchy/pagan circles or watch youtube videos about tarot or manifesting or witchery, you've probably heard people mention Shadow Work in passing. It sounds so dark and mysterious and everyone talks about how essential it was to manifesting/spellwork. But WTF even is it????? Hello me from 2 years ago, lol. I will admit, it's a little easier to find information on Shadow Work now, b... » Continue Reading

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What do I do?

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I'm a life coach. Let's talk about that for a second because this is a new concept for a lot of people (it was for me once upon a time). A life coach in some ways is like a friend, in some ways a therapist, and in others not at all. A conversation with a life coach exists for a purpose, when we talk, we have a goal we're working towards together. Sometimes that goal is clarity, sometimes it's to s... » Continue Reading

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Synchronicity from a Message

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I ditched my Shadow program to work on a new and quite frankly better iteration of it and as soon as I accepted and celebrated the choice I was making privately, I get a message from someone who wants to know if I'm still doing the shadow work thing. Why yes, yes I am. This message came in as I was writing a lengthy post on my Tribe page about discounted sessions I was offering until the program w... » Continue Reading

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