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Category: Blogging

hi evry1 im back(again) its been a hot second since ive been on here and if im being honest, im doing rlly well..there are some issues but theyre not huge. :) lifes going good im happy my birthday is next thursday, turning 17777777 i feel like i alwys come on here before my birthday lol but yk i guess this is just a comfort site for me ;p  theres not much to do on here othetr than like edit my pro... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

well its been a while since i posted a blog lol -- i hope everyone is well ~ how are you tho~? i actually completely forgot about spacehey, haha. sori sorri!! it wont happen againn i promise~ ill make sure to be more active,.,.,.,.  anuwho now, im gonna hop awaaayyy see u soon everyone » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

it is my birthday tmr!! ;3 im so excited!! ill finally be 16 » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

i dont think people realize that sometimes the words they say, even it is a joke, mean a lot. it isn't my fault.. either way, ive picked up a hobby or well, it feels as if it's an addiction honestly. podcasts. i find comfort in podcasts, they make me feel as if im not alone. if i could listen to them all day and all night , i would. another thing that brings me comfort is this guy, he makes me fee... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

you know, when i first thought about highschool, i thought it'd be the same as the movies. big group cliques and cliches and looking at it from that perspective, it kinda is the same as movies. except the whole- "jumping around whilst singing when you feel like it". My school on the other hand is something else. so many fights in a week, its so bad that the police have to be there constantly, haha... » Continue Reading

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