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Goodbye Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

Don’t know who’s still reading, but follow me on Instagram at eddyborja if you want to keep in touch. This was fun and I met a lot of cool people, but I admit there’s not much else to do here... oh well. Maybe someday I’ll be back! » Continue Reading

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The Bob Ross of CSS

Category: Blogging

Saw an article today about a 73 year old Japanese who is like the Japanese Bob Ross, teaching people how to paint with calm soothing videos. Someone should do the same thing but with CSS.  » Continue Reading

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Spacehey habits

Category: Blogging

When do you usually log on to check spacehey?  » Continue Reading

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What kind of views is everyone getting?

Category: Blogging

I have about 500 views since I signed up. Seems like a lot of traffic for me, though I guess it's probably not 500 unique views. I'm sure girls are getting a lot more. Curious if anyone else wants to share their numbers.  » Continue Reading

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Yea so I'm getting a 2021 Ford Bronco.

Category: Blogging

Always wanted an off-road vehicle that wasn't a Jeep, then Ford announced the new Bronco at just the right time. So looks like next year I'm gonna get one and then I'm hitting the road on a huge overlanding road trip all over the United States! » Continue Reading

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