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"Scott Pilgrim vs Black People"


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Category: SpaceHey

A blog where I keep all of the stamp request I've made so far! If you want to request a stamp please IM me :D (IMS are open to everyone) » Continue Reading

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Art blog!

Category: Art and Photography

haiiii its star :3 so I've decided to create an art blog!!!!! idk how thing is gotta work but I'ma just update it with my latest sketches and doodles 3/22/2024 - rainbow kate doodle ^_^ » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

Okay ima be real for a second I think dni lists are pretty stupid I honestly dont care tbh as long as youre not a proshipper (i really hate proshippers) or any bad guys of that sort feel free to interact. If I dont like you ill just end up blocking :P » Continue Reading

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