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"sister's grad party 2day!"

⭐️ texan!!!

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thso weekendd

Category: Friends

m litteraly going to my bfs house this weekend for valentines this is so excite. I have to clean my room tho which really suxs cuz it's dirty but ig it's okay because im not gonna be stuck bedrotting haha. i don't mind bedrotting tbh because i get to sroll through 4chan or sleep all day lols i guess i really am just snoozpilled anywahys what do you guyz think about 4chan, its not too bad imo if yo... » Continue Reading

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School updayte!!

Category: School, College, University

Soo..haii guys :33 Fun Story!!  I might be getting kicked out of honor's english bc i turned my project late!! i was lik really busy all summer tho, but theyre gonna look at all my gradess and exams from past years so! anywhoo- i have 2 go to robotics for advisory on munday to finish my programming. also! they put me in the math assistance class 4th yeaar in a row >:(( but like im rly good at the ... » Continue Reading

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