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Adding images to profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So I have had a few people ask how to add images to their profile. Here how I do it: 1. I use the website  imgur.com/ to generate a code for it. 2. Once uploaded I click on " ... " at the top right corner of the image I uploaded and then click " get share links ".  3. Grab the " BBCode (Forums) " code.  4. Once you have the code, go to edit profile and add it to where you want it to be. 5. Add the... » Continue Reading

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Add Music to your profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So, recently I have been asked how I got music to play on my page! So here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ copy and paste that! Just remove the hashtags and paste the numbers and letters from the last part of a YouTube link!! (Don't remove the question mark!!) For example: I hope I could help! :) If this blog post helped, please leave kudos for support.  Credit: Cool Kid » Continue Reading

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Profile Backgrounds

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Just copy the link below the background of your choice and place it in your layout. Where you should place your background code in your layout should look something like: body {background-image: url(https://i.imgur.com/6YVSA3N.png); URL: https://i.imgur.com/6YVSA3N.png URL:  https://i.imgur.com/Fg0OsQo.png URL:  https://i.imgur.com/1mMNjCh.png URL:  https://i.ibb.co/6PrPwFy/strawberriez.png I will... » Continue Reading

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Websites for editing

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Get creative and customize your profile with these links below: https://www.glitter-graphics.com/ https://lionzlytz.ueuo.com/shiz https://www.cursors-4u.com/ https://codepen.io/trending https://www.w3schools.com/ https://htmlcheatsheet.com/ https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=3270 https://textanim.com/ https://fonts.google.com/ https://www.pimp-my-profile.com/ https://blingee.com/ https://www.quack... » Continue Reading

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My Cursor

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The code for the current cursor I am using: You can find more cursor selections here: Cursors If this blog post helped, please leave kudos for support.  » Continue Reading

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HTML Codes

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

a few codes i added to my profile that i thought others might find helpful ♥ make sure you are adding these in-between your codes !! to hide your blog : .blog-preview{display:none} to hide "about me" and "who i'd like to meet" titles : .section h4{display:none} i paired it with this to ensure it was lined up how i wanted it (you can adjust the 10px) :  .blurbs{margin-top:10px !important;} to hide ... » Continue Reading

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