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Adding images to profile

So I have had a few people ask how to add images to their profile. Here how I do it:

1. I use the website imgur.com/ to generate a code for it.

2. Once uploaded I click on "..." at the top right corner of the image I uploaded and then click "get share links". 

3. Grab the "BBCode (Forums)" code. 

4. Once you have the code, go to edit profile and add it to where you want it to be.

5. Add the code in between the "" of this: <img src=""/> 

6. Make sure you delete the [IMG] at the beginning and end of the code you grabbed.
Example of code grabbed: [img]https://i.imgur.com/cYLAuJp.png[/img] 

7. It should look like this: <img src="https://i.imgur.com/cYLAuJp.png"/>

8. Click save. You should be good to go! 

*If you want your images to move as a slideshow like on my profile use this code:
<marquee> IMAGE CODES </marquee> 
Make sure your image codes look like the <img src=""/>  example I put above. 

I hope I could help! :)
If this blog post helped, please leave kudos for support. 

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Thanks for the tips! How did you get the photos on your profile to maintain their quality? Mine become pixelated when I add them on!

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I just made sure to save them as a .png
I think that may be why. idk
I uploaded the photos from my computer to imgur and used the code.

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Aylin Luna

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You are the best! I need a tutorial for the slideshow! Page is on fire

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Thank you!! For the slideshow, I added what code to use on the post.
Hope that helps!

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