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yayyay!! park .3

Category: Blogging

going to the park!!! cute fit but im struggling to attach images >_\\\ its this CUTTTE pink shirt with heart shaped sleeves & a black dress under, brown belt on the pink shirt with a little pink bow on it (two seperate shades of pink, the bow is lighter- with some cute black boots w pink ribbons as lace (matching color with the bow) and some pink fluffy socks above black pants!! gahhh i love going... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

whoagg i just updated my entire thing layout  » Continue Reading

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hatsune miku...

Category: Blogging

i cant believe you all still like hatsune miku she BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and STOLE MY PETS!!! all three of my cats are gone because of hatsune miku now and she will not fess up to her CRIMES!!! i have reported her to the police several times and they will not do anything. please stop hatsune miku and stop listening to her music NOW!!! she is the scum of humanity!!! » Continue Reading

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