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Can it get better already.

Category: Life

In the past 2 months I've had wins and losses. I am getting treatment and getting my mental health in line and doing well then I took a hit out of left field physically. I went for an exam.. some biopsies came back inconclusive. Had an ultrasound and had some of my constant pain explained buy a huge cyst on an ovary. But that wasn't the surprise, the big concern is I may have a form of reproductiv... » Continue Reading

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So proud.

Category: Blogging

 Tonight I got to watch my fiance take a huge step in achieving their goals. After 4 years together I have seen them grow so much as a person and become this amazing light. They are finally comfortable in their skin and tonight their twitch channel Grew more. The happiness and sense of pride and accomplishment I see in them means so much » Continue Reading

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Respect. For myself and those I love.

Category: Blogging

I am a very kind and open person. I have always seen this as a good thing. That being said. Being kind does not mean I do not have boundaries. Those are in place for my well being and out of simple respect for my partners and loved ones. I also don't do well when pushed or when I know someone is intentionally being dense with me to accomplish their end goal.   I am a polyamorous and pansexual woma... » Continue Reading

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Random HI!!

Category: Blogging

I missed a space like this. Glad to have it back. I avoid most social media but hope this is a fresh start. » Continue Reading

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