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The Snake The Cross The Crown

Category: Music

I forgot how much I loved this mysapce band The Snake The Cross The Crown. They had such great potential with a unique sound that was way before their time. Thinking about all those myspace bands that were amazing but never made it makes me sad! So much great music that was forgotten about or never made. » Continue Reading

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Monday, Monday

Category: Blogging

I got a bad case of the Monday’s Gots a bunch of stuff todo but I feel like a nap Hmm maybe I’ll eat a bunch of chocolate and listen to some gridcore. That’s always motivating until the sugar wears off.  It would be awesome if there was a music genre called xXapplecoreXx Do dogs talk to each other? If they do why are they always shouting?  Well back to “work”... » Continue Reading

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Looks like i need some coding classes

Category: Blogging

trying to remember how to make an awesome profile is at the top of my to do list. Flash back to 2006 lol. If only i had my old mypsace layout saved on my old Gateway desktop! I had some hours in designing that masterpiece Its not stealing if you borrow bits of awesome code you find along the way as long as you give it back when you are done right? » Continue Reading

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