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New beginnings

Category: Blogging

New beginnings don't necessarily mean leaving your past behind you, I'd rather take this as an opportunity to look at myself now, as I currently am, and take steps to grow from there. My growth may entail grasping a new outlook or perception of things; whether it be myself, the people surrounding me, or my environment. Growth may not have to be any of those things either, it could just be simply a... » Continue Reading

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inactivity!! aaaaggghhh

Category: Blogging

been very low in inspiration recently D: very caught up in work and life happenings, but I plan on making a (slow, but sure) come back to my internet presence. I'm trying to fix my neocities , because some of my code decided to magically disappear! fun  » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I didn't do a whole lot today but I am living the life... been sick for a week and a half and my meds are not working :) .. anyway! I'm thinking of changing up my layout to match my website   (under construction!! beware of unfinished code and random text..) and have some more widgets but I need to figure out some of the specifics of profile coding on here lol  » Continue Reading

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losing my mind

Category: Art and Photography

bad little drawing I did in Ms paint, currently coding my neocities... or should be. I can't commit myself to making it whole because it has been so broken for the past year. Feeling very drained, I'm also sick! whoop de doo » Continue Reading

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