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hellooooooooooooo (comedically long echo sounds)

Category: Blogging

I have not made a blog in QUITE SOME TIME!!!  I've been spending most days playing videogames with friends, drawing, and looking for new items to add to my mess of many things- mainly anime figures, old videogames and videogame consoles, and collectables like gashapon. I actually found a really cool isopod gashapon but it was soo expensive so I couldn't buy it :[   I got a new phone rec » Continue Reading

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inactivity!! aaaaggghhh

Category: Blogging

been very low in inspiration recently D: very caught up in work and life happenings, but I plan on making a (slow, but sure) come back to my internet presence. I'm trying to fix my neocities , because some of my code decided to magically disappear! fun  » Continue Reading

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losing my mind

Category: Art and Photography

bad little drawing I did in Ms paint, currently coding my neocities... or should be. I can't commit myself to making it whole because it has been so broken for the past year. Feeling very drained, I'm also sick! whoop de doo » Continue Reading

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