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Category: News and Politics

If you haven't already looked into what's happening with Britney Spears, literally all you need to do is Google her name. I've followed the #FreeBritney movement since it started and it's TIME for her to be free. She's been under her dad's control since MySpace's heyday, to put it into perspective! She can't drive, she can't see her kids. She was forced to take lithium and forced to have an IUD pu... » Continue Reading

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Missing the ones you love.

Category: Life

Death is so difficult to experience. Some people pass naturally ; we all have a day. Others, simply deserved better... 3 years ago today I lost someone I loved in a tragic accident. Just recently, I lost my mother due to a severe illness... Why can't things just be different? Why do people say someone's looking out for us when clearly no one is? That's my view and the question is rhetorical, don't... » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

The new iCarly premiered today on Paramount+.  I was such a big fan of the original, along with Danwarp's other shows. Given that Dan didn't return, they did a good job of recreating the brand of humor that he had, with an adult twist.  I highly recommend old fans and newcomers alike, especially the former, check out the new iCarly!  PS Miranda did not age a day. x3 She looks so good!! » Continue Reading

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Live messenger!!!!!!!!!

Category: Friends

Hit me up if you use Windows Live Messenger. :) You can download it too HERE . Just send me a message if you wanna chat and I'll drop the addy! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I'm gonna get up, clean my apartment, and eat. Haven't done that in awhile, LOL.  Reminder, show yourself some love and do what you need to do! Need to eat? Eat. Need to make a phone call? Call. I believe you can do it too. :)  We have to stay strong! » Continue Reading

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Designing my profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

SO... I used to dabble in html with MySpace and other websites when I was younger, but DAMN I forgot how frustrating it was. Getting the desired result though sure is rewarding. I think I got my profile to a good place. Many thanks to Twila for the awesome layout, found here . It is very ME :) » Continue Reading

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Avril Lavigne???

Category: Music

Okay soooo I like some 00s rock/alternative hits, but mainly I stick with r&b or bubblegum pop... well, lately I've been really into Avril Lavigne. Her 2007 album The Best Damn Thing has been on repeat for me these last couple weeks, lol. It's when she started her transition to pop, but her rock roots are still very present. I love it. I Don't Have to Try is such a good song!  » Continue Reading

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EXO's new album!! Don't fight the feeling !

Category: Music

EXO's new song came out! It's for their ninth anniversary. Lay's part really surprised me. Anyway... it's a bop! I am so proud of all of them. Please listen! » Continue Reading

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