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15 y/o drawer (I am not a set of drawers dw i just draw)

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Category: Blogging

AHEHE i just remembered this site sorry you guyz TwT well its been four (4) months so heres what alls happened! i swapped schools (finally), found a style i like, got a cat !!, and started making a webcomic (no its not out, its being planned rn) so yea  ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ⠀:¨ ·.· ¨:⠀ ⠀ `· . ୨୧⠀      bye bye! » Continue Reading

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quick post befor bed

Category: Life

hihi! my school was out for a week due to snow so i kinda fell into another depressive episode lol anyways i have more kandi supplies now, my brother is screaming at air, things are goin pretty ok, mainly just lonely lmfao » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

don't interact with my blog if you are: - racist -homophobic -against neurodivergent ppl -a pedo/map -fakeclaim nd ppl for not being stereotypical That's all of my dni! Plz dni if you fit into any of these » Continue Reading

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lil intro

Category: Life

hihi! im bee, a highschooler from the states that doesn't have much to do most of the time. I'm looking for friends mainly since no one in my school likes the things I do. i had to explain to my bsf who kuromi was, its that bad. hopefully some people on here may think im ok and be my friend lol -bee » Continue Reading

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