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False alarm sorta

Category: Blogging

I put the style tags back on the CSS and my actual profile looks basically the same so KEWL I still lost all my stamps thooo :(( » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

oh my god i just spent almost all day yesterday and today working on adding a bunch of graphics and stuff and i was trying to edit my about me and i put " " on either side thinking it would make the text invisible?? AND NOW MY ENTIRE LAYOUT IS GONE.  if anyone knowz how to fix this it would be AMAZING but i'm assuming theres no way soo im just gonna spend the next few hours trying to redo it all :... » Continue Reading

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The malll

Category: Life

Im back home from the mall!! I got misadventures by pierce the veil on cd, a minecraft shirt, a belt and a roblox gift card  Im very happy and jumping around screaming » Continue Reading

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Goin 2 the mall !!

Category: Life

Im going to the mall today i think im gonna buy some accessories and maybe a cd. My moms coming with me aswell » Continue Reading

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im sick

Category: Life

Im sick i hate this i miss being able to breath through my nose. I had to drink this gross orange dayquill and it didnt even help but it's ok cus I get to stay home from school tomorrow!! » Continue Reading

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Hi I'm New

Category: Friends

I made this because my friend told me to make one and I'm obsessed with HTML stuff :PP Not sure how active this blog will be but I'll probably just post about songs I like » Continue Reading

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