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"solving a very specific problem"

39. White cisgender male. American, mostly. Recently buddhist.

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Oh hey, I forgot about spacehey

Category: Life

I forgot this existed for awhile. I was reminded of it when it hit the front page of Hacker News again this morning. Rediscovering this now is appropriate because of how I've been feeling about other social media lately - especially Twitter and Facebook. I rarely use either one these days, and I'm starting to think about reaching out to people I know via other means, like email or phone or even ph... » Continue Reading

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My 2020 retrospective

Category: Blogging

I recently posted my 2020 retrospective on my personal blog. » Continue Reading

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About my avatar

Category: Blogging

Because this is a throwback platform, I chose to use a throwback avatar. It's a cropped screenshot of one of my main characters from Champions Online, a superhero MMORPG. Technically it's still running. I suppose it might be interesting to get a new screenshot of this guy, the Red Templar. I haven't played it in many years. » Continue Reading

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