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Self Care & Self Love 🦋

Category: Blogging

Self-care looks like enjoying your own company. It looks like hot bubble baths reading books. It looks like doing your skin care routine while you watch your favorite show. It looks like ignoring DMs from men & woman who don’t actually give a fuck how your day was. It looks like eating healthy & drinking your water. It looks like shaking your ass in the mirror & remembering you’re in fact THAT bit... » Continue Reading

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Being A Lover … ❤️🔒

Category: Blogging

I’m really a LOVER. Like I love tf out of people. To the highest degree. I love the good bad and ugly. Every piece of that person. Unconditionally. With every fiber of my being. So when I start to feel like I have to pull back my love from you and not do the things I would normally do for someone I love because you’re showing you don’t appreciate me and don’t see how rare that type of love is I ha... » Continue Reading

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Friends , Family or Even Relationship 💕 #Judgement

Category: Blogging

The last couple weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking and processing . I learned that you can never fully understand a person until you can fully accept the good, bad, and the ugly from them if you choose to keep them in your life of course . Who are we to judge anyone on the decision they made when we clearly don’t know why a person made the decisions they made anyway or how they truly feel t... » Continue Reading

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Growth ✨

Category: Blogging

My growth in a year is beautiful. I do not allow the actions of others to push me to act out of character. I do not give low energy conversations my time or attention. I do not entertain my own negative thoughts. I do not listen to those who send me the evil eye and pray for the day I fall back into who I WAS. I am literally a different human being and I love the life I live. I love the way I spea... » Continue Reading

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