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Friends , Family or Even Relationship 💕 #Judgement

The last couple weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking and processing . I learned that you can never fully understand a person until you can fully accept the good, bad, and the ugly from them if you choose to keep them in your life of course . Who are we to judge anyone on the decision they made when we clearly don’t know why a person made the decisions they made anyway or how they truly feel that led them to make them . 

Just because we see certain things as good, bad, and ugly … the next person may not see it the same  way and have a different definition of it ❤️ finding true happiness and love is to accept a person for who they are . Once you do …  you will find a whole different form a love that you have never understood before . You finally find  a different type of comfort and happiness . Our mind and feeling are such powerful weapon in life . They can can bring out so many different traits , feeling , emotions, and thoughts . 

Not one person has the same viewpoint or angle .. that’s what makes us all human and one of a kind . Accepting the world as it is allows you to get the full potential in/of life . 🥰 keep your mind wide open , open to different possibilities . Allow yourself to feel how you want to feel without judgment because at the end of the day , this is your life to live .. live in the moment and take every second in . ❤️ stop questioning things we do not understand and listen and open your mind to allow your self to learn why certain those play out the way they do for each chapter we live in this thing we call life 🥰

So before you judge anyone … try to put yourself in their shoes ❤️

Happy Saturday ☀️

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