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"N33d more caff3in3 and sugar..."

18+ Fri3nds Only Pl3as3 24.yo./M/bi/tak3n/ UK

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H3y Ast3r again~

Category: Blogging

Thanks to 3v3ryon3 for the gr8 r3c3ption and thankz if you add3d m3! Yo ur all cool~ Had anoth3r shit day at work so w3nt & goof3d off with my bf in the rain today <33               How's your day going?    ~Ast3r » Continue Reading

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H3y Ast3r h3r3...

Category: Blogging

H3y, Ast3r h3r3 thank you to the cr3ator of SH for b3ing a tru3 king and building this sit3! I was born in 96 so by th3 tim3 I got onlin3 I had just miss3d the MySpac3 craz3 but it always brought such nostalgia scrolling abandon3d profil3z & playing a lot of Gaia always r3mind3d m3 of this kind of sit3. I am 3xited to 3njoy a n3w mor3 alt3rnativ3 fri3ndly platform as FB has long b33n awful for... » Continue Reading

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