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Bound with Blood

Category: Art and Photography

"Whats all this about?" Bound with Blood is a project im working on. It involves the lives of many characters, but the main story is that of a fallen angel on earth, trying to assimilate into human society. Hilarity ensues. Anyways, ya! This blog is gonna be a directory with all my characters, what theyre like, their backstory etc. I hope you enjoy! ^_^ Characters (click on whichever potrait in or... » Continue Reading

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Dollz maker sites!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hi! Ive made a list of dollz maker sites and wanted to post it here incase its useful someday i dunno... Enjoy! NOTE : theres a SHIT TON of old doll sites on wayback machine! If you cant find any, look at the buttons on some of the doll sites, they usually have a button wall with their fav sites! - standard dollmaker website, although its in german, its easy to nav... » Continue Reading

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