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Dollz maker sites!

Hi! Ive made a list of dollz maker sites and wanted to post it here incase its useful someday i dunno... Enjoy!

NOTE: theres a SHIT TON of old doll sites on wayback machine! If you cant find any, look at the buttons on some of the doll sites, they usually have a button wall with their fav sites! - standard dollmaker website, although its in german, its easy to navigate - doesnt have the traditional "preps" dollz but its nice! - standard dollmaker site - also doesnt have traditional "preps" dollz, and its in portuguese methinks... - a bunch of resources for dollz, theres also 2 dollmakers on it and a gallery! - again, not traditional "prep" dollz but its cute!

EDIT (20/9/21) - doesnt have traditional "prep" dolls either, but theres plenty pixeldolls! - ALOT OF options! Theres pixel rooms you can put your dolls in aswell!! (its also old as fuck, last updated 2004) - bases for dollz if you wanna make your own! - wayback for thedollpalace!! You can still play but cant see premium stuffs - not exactly a dollmaker site, but you can make a pixel avatar, play games and chat with others! Not exactly sure how it works since im exploring the site as im writing this

EDIT (23/9/21) -  only shows props on internet explorer for some reason...

EDIT (15/5/22)
Forgot about this post TBH.. Finally an edit.. I havent been able to find alot of working doll sites either, Use ruffle if it doesnt work idk

EDIT (11/2/23)

WOAH its been a long time ........ I havent found any new sites unfortunately , but i have found a tutorial on how to play flash games ! I havent tried it on all of these doll sites but i plan on doing it soon (hopefully) . Ive tried this method on thedollpalace and i got access to the dollmaker but it didnt work :,-(
Maybe others will have more luck with it ! Heres the tutorial :-)
Thats it for now! Hopefully i can find some more to put in 'ere ^-^
ALSO feel free to comment some sites!! plz!!

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This was my magnum opus . I will never reach this level of glory again .

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♡ Dallas ♡

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omg this is so cool! I've been looking for more sites like these! (‐^▽^‐)

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