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Category: Blogging

My new video got me like 50 subs since a fellow youtuber posted it on reddit. I'm a lil worried about following it up cuz it's hard to keep a consistent quality from video to video. But, I need to stop and enjoy having a good one when it happens, otherwise I'm just playing a game of keep-up with worry. I'm not sure if it's an anxiety thing or perfectionism or what but it's getting a little easier ... » Continue Reading

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I am dog doodoo at blogs but here's another one

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I've been a little slow with my work lately. Kinda happens every winter which is confusing. You'd think humans would've adapted to seasonal sadness that comes from cold weather by now. I don't even know if what I go through is sadness, because it's my creativity that gets shit on whenever the temperature dips. And with the broken creativity comes the sadness about me not being proficient. That bei... » Continue Reading

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A Welcome Chonk of Nostalgia

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I'm pretty happy to see old myspace back. Something I've wanted in the back of my head ever since they originally did away with the 2.0 layout back in the day. I feel like a lil baby boy again pasting html into my About Me box, and then redo-ing it a million times because I'm a moron and screw it up. Now that feels nice  Now, to mass add strangers to my friends, just like the old days. » Continue Reading

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