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"may love lead where the brain cant"

coke whore cunt

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my name is kandii (kuuzi) ENTP-T (debater) i’m 17 years old, my birthday is june 25th, 2006. single  i’m 4’11. i’m Cuban, American, Japanese, and Russian. my favorite colors are pink, dark blue, violet, and blood red. i’m an aspiring forensic lab technician, i plan on getting my masters in biochemistry and forensics. i have 2 dogs, and 1 kitten. (daisy, teeter, astro.) i love to cook i do smoke a ... » Continue Reading

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DNI (

Category: SpaceHey

if you’re any of these things, please get off my page. homophobic (can be as a joke though, just don’t make it direct.) “sigma mindset” men and women. i can’t stress this enough, i hate y’all. rude or disrespectful without reason. 15 or younger. if you say some ‘cringe’ things to me, you’ll be blocked immediately. » Continue Reading

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