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dni and byf i guess

Category: Life

don't frq me (or unfriend me) if you're a proshipper, supporter of bi/pan lesbians/gays etc, dream and/or jschlatt fan, danganronpa fan, countryhumans fan, hazbin hotel/helluva boss fan, andy and leyley fan, nishikiryu shipper, or if you won't acknowledge i'm myself (fictionkin) or you wanna reality check me. or if you don't respect religions .. if you support israel btw stay far away from me i me... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

1st blog post hi guys. gonna link u some of my rentrys if u click the home button tho that'll just take u to my main rentry... u don't rlly need to read that lmao.  all of my  names all of my  neopronouns my  fictkin  list (those r me irl!) don't have a rentry 4 this but also i'm a » Continue Reading

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