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Realistic Wilson from Don't Starve

Category: Art and Photography

It's a work in progress. It also doesn't look how he should, I think I goofed up what he'd really look like, but I made him kinda, uhm, cute so I am gonna keep it. I'll post the finished product when (or if) I finish it. I supposedly should be getting a graphic drawing tablet soon enough. » Continue Reading

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I drew a rainbow ghosty

Category: Art and Photography

I messed it up so it looks pretty bad but oh well » Continue Reading

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I drew a saints row 4 inspired character

Category: Art and Photography

Kibby So I was playing Saints Row 4 again and I was inspired by it to draw a random person /w/ the running highlights and a Genki head. Also a kitty backpack from the game (I 4got which one, there's two type I think) Whelp,I hope y'all don't hate it but if u do constructive criticism is very welcome >w < » Continue Reading

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