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short about mi

Category: Life

valerie/valkyrie/jill enby, ey/it/neos scenemo kid :3 nblm n arospec otherkin w/ irls use tone tags!! ❀ » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

doubles dni order from most to least "important" jill valentine - resident evil glamrock chica - fnaf: security breach pinkie pie - mlp draculaura - monster high crona gorgon - soul eater mabel - gravity falls zuko - atla entrapta - spop flora - winx club » Continue Reading

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dni n byi!!

Category: Life

dni: under 13 and over 19/20 (don't message if over 19, but you can friend!!) racist, xenophobic homophobic, transphobic against xenogenders or neopronouns if you use hard-to-read fonts regularly :( (in blogs + bulletins)  dsmp fans are on very thin ice. basically any "-phobic" or "-ist" proshippers, fujoshis maps/pedos and supporters zoophiles and supporters byi: i usually need tone indicators  i... » Continue Reading

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my neos

Category: Life

all of my neopronouns :P there's a lot!! (dni if you dont like it, i don't wanna argue) ey/em it/it's fun/fun's bat/bat's fizz/fizz's star/star's zomb/zomb's gloom/gloom's comet/comet's smore/smore's syrup/syrup's pudding/pudding's 🦇/🦇's 🧩/🧩's 🍿/🍿's 🍩/🍩's » Continue Reading

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