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Love Is (A Growing List)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Love Is:  A dearest friend The blue haze of a winter morning Public commute The jingle jangle of my carabiner A seagull not near to any sea at all The view outside the english classroom window Every orange light in every apartment window Ground floor apartments Each footprint in the snow, and the people behind them Desire paths A cat’s pur A camera bought 40 years before my birth A fr » Continue Reading

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Self-Made Torture of a Self-Made Man

Category: Writing and Poetry

The Devil is a teenage boy and Hell is the boys’ changing room. I am a whippet among rottweilers and the worst part is I wanted to be there. I am a lamb in wolf’s clothing and I just hope they don’t find out.  » Continue Reading

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I’m going to try

Category: Writing and Poetry

I’m going to grow wild strawberries, in my garden. I’m going to, because my great grandfather did. And each time when I’d came over for Easter, he’d let me pick a few. I’m going to make juice, out of black currants from my garden. Like my grandfather does, with the ones from his father’s. I’m going to learn how to cook intricate, big dishes, just like my father, and step-father.  I’m going to own ... » Continue Reading

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Lament of my love

Category: Writing and Poetry

Why should fate be so cruel.  Why should I be bewitched by you My venus Why should I love you so When I know I could only bed  Another man You are so lovely  And I want you forever But my carnal desire is Not for the fair sex I am betrayed by my nature As I so often have been And I don’t want to betray you My love But I cannot deny I could never make love to yo » Continue Reading

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