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I Don’t Know If Kyle Rittenhouse Is Guilty, But There Are Others Who Definitely Are

Category: Blogging

For the past two weeks, yet another hot topic has swept the nation.  The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man who killed two people and injured another in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the riots last summer.  Yet again, the left, the right, and the middle of the political spectrum are battling it out online, weaponizing their agendas, opinions, and perspectives to present themselves as the only mora... » Continue Reading

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The Three Reasons Why I Deleted My Twitter Account

Category: Blogging

Last night, I deactivated my Twitter account.  Every tweet I’ve ever written, every hashtag I threw out there, gone.  It wasn’t even a decision that took a lot of time to make either, I just decided to make it after months of admitting that the social media platform was an addiction of mine.  Besides the addiction factor, what other reasons did I have for just erasing my Twitter account and callin... » Continue Reading

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