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Category: Life

dni  -12 dsmp fans helluva fans vivsiepop fans football tiktok editors homophobes racists LMK fans who make ship wars SHUT  THE FUCK UP YOUR NOT CUTE  those who bash people for liking spicynoodles/goldendragon/chimera WHO GAF  pro/com/dark shippers those who harrass people for whats trending (the "new fans" people) sierra fans (total drama island) PLUMSY/PEACHY NOODLE SHIPPERS AND PPL WHO SHIP NE ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

gang if someone gives u something personal (like access to private conversations) lets NOT leak them!!! (LIANA COUGH COUGH) like even if u dont like them that much just sharing that to your friends is horrific omds  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

!!!!!! I AM 15 DO NOT BE WEIRD TOWARDS ME IF YOUR UNDER THIRTEEN OR OVER 16 !!!!!! i am autistic and i have adhd and would appreciate it if you were upfront if you had issues with me cos it bothers me A LOT!!!  i get obsessed with stuff easily so like be warned i change a lot also i struggle with confrontation  thx » Continue Reading

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