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Drew smth after a while !! :O

Category: Art and Photography

I haven't drawn in a while cuz i was on art block but I finally decided to draw smth and I'm posting it here too cuz i like how it came out  I surprisingly didn't use any reference for this 😭 Btw here is my  art account  on Instagram it's would be cool if someone went to check that out cuz I don't rlly get much attention on my art on there anymore lmao Anyways heres the drawing hope y'all like it ... » Continue Reading

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My blinkie website :3

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I made a little website using neocities for my small blinkie collection bc i saw some other ppl doing it, its my first time ever making a website and doing stuff with html and css so I'm kinda proud of it even if it doesn't look THAT great :p  The site doesn't only have blinkies btw it also has other things like stamps and buttons  Also u can take stuff from the website if u want to idc :> Click t... » Continue Reading

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RAVEN !! (oc nd art stuff)

Category: Art and Photography

Hello! This is my first time posting a blog on here and i decided it to be about one of my ocs Raven :D i am going to show some art of them and write a couple things about him, Enjoy! :) _____________________________________________ this is him :3 i lowkey don't have any other good drawings of them bruh Some things about Raven  Raven is a scemo kid that rlly likes music,  She likes drawing (tradit... » Continue Reading

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