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"thinking Vince McMahon in the attitude era: Undisputed GOAT"

As Kevin the Cucumber would say in Spongebob, I'm a "LOSEEEEERRR"

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Song of the Day 6/8: Nostalgic Story

Category: Blogging

Everywhere I Look-Hall & Oates March 1991 I'm driving back home on an eerily quiet night, almost too quiet, to the point where I'm actually wishing I'd see a deer frozen in awe in the neighboring passenger lanes of the highway. I peered at the analog "back to the future"-sque dash clock that couldn't have been wider than a George Washington portrait quarter. 11:01 I snarled in exhaustion, realizin... » Continue Reading

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Intro to Blogging (hopeful to get an A!)

Category: Blogging

WHOOoooooaaaa..." Tom delonge snarled, as the autotune soaks up his voice playing one of the most overrated blink-182 songs known to man, First Date. Hey guys, guess this is my formal introductory blog post to this site. Never thought I'd be on an old-school, nostalgic designed website that allows you to create blog posts, yet here I am! I love this way more than having to type out lengthy thought... » Continue Reading

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