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music B)

Category: Music

Ok, before i put this massive list i wanted to clarify that i do not support these bands. These are just bands i enjoy to listen to and if they are problematic/horrible i listen to them on a lyric video on youtube so they don't get profit from me listening. Anyways I made this cause it was fun to make, I know nobody really cares and it's an obnoxiously long list but I guess it's just nice to have ... » Continue Reading

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friend application!!!!!!!

Category: Friends

Heyy! Basically this is a friend application, It's a bunch of info like on my profile but more detailed.  Kinda like stats!!!:3  Hope you enjoy and friend me! Feel free to ask questions in the comments!  *ੈ✩‧₊˚ AGE RANGE:  12-18 MUSIC GENRES: dark wave, punk rock, new wave, goth rock, death metal, heavy metal, nu metal, grindcore metal, black metal and post-punk NAME:  Erin (but my nickname is rin... » Continue Reading

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seeing family. >:/

Category: Life

(quick vent xd) i literally hate having to go to my dads side, they live so far away and everybody is obnoxious lOl. this is kinda just a vent bcuz i hate visiting them so much but im almost there, hey at least im getting an ice cap B) wish me luck » Continue Reading

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looking for ppl with the same/similar kins!

Category: Friends

here are my kins :D (for people that don't know a kin is a character that you highly/in some way relate to usually by personality) -sayori from ddlc -wybie from coraline -armin from aot -misa amne from dn -cuphead from cuphead -alphys, mettaton and ms muffet from undertale -mangle, puppet and ft freddy from fnaf -palontras from fran bow -lsp from adventure time -sally from sally face -mikan from d... » Continue Reading

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i got a kitty!!!!!!

Category: Blogging

his name is bonbon, like bonbon from fnaf xd! hes super sweet and cuddly (✿◠‿◠) (btw this was a few months ago for my bday im just uploading it now) its not letting me put a photo:( » Continue Reading

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