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"listening t0 music "

i d0nt d0 much tbh

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Category: Life

what sucks m0st is that this happened right before my birthday :/ (my bday is 0n the 12th) and like i have n0 0ne t0 spend the day with :( the 0nly thing i wanted t0 d0 0n my bday in like 3 years is spend the day w her and n0w i just d0nt kn0w what t0 d0 :N i guess i'll just watch y0utube vids of c0ncerts l0lz » Continue Reading

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an0ther thing abt my friend (basically a public diary at this p0int l0l)

Category: Life

uh..... idk if we're still friends? like yesterday she  plat0nically br0ke up w me but t0day at sch00l we talked like n0rmal? we didnt spend luch t0gether but thats n0thing new either, i spend m0st lunch breaks listening t0 music in the bathr00ms, s0 i guess we're still friends? i h0pe we're still friends but i've g0t n0 clue l0lz at least i'm friends w that 0ne guy in my class n0w, hes funny » Continue Reading

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...uh update i guess

Category: Life

s0..... she left me i genuinely d0nt kn0w what t0 d0 life: 1 me: 0 » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

t0day was awful D: my bsf just ign0red me the whole day [cry]  she g0t herself s0me new friends, and thats aws0me but she just d0esnt talk t0 me anym0re :[ they changed her so much.... she used t0 be s0 c00l and n0w she calls everything "cringy" and "weird" D,: i h0pe shes happy th0.... » Continue Reading

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