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🔪 characters thst i would (nsfw)

Category: Books and Stories

Light yagami - hes exactly like my boyfriend and he would totally call me scum and put me down and im so into intelligence THe girl from flowers of evil - she would degrade me so hard Frollo - I just... he would spit on me and call me demonic Hisoka - so attractive, and he's a switch and i'm a switch, he would be so hot to you know and he would pound me and we would have things in common and get a... » Continue Reading

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🧁Ask me whateva you want/abt me

Category: Quiz/Survey

dunno what to write bout myself so ask me anything.  Hey, my name is Haillie, I spend most of my time pacing around and daydreaming, I am hopelessly romantic. I used to love to draw but now it's too hard. I'm a sagittarius sun and moon which makes me superior totally, and im a pisces rising. My mbti type is isfp i actually identify with it so much becuase i have an inferiority complex. I don't hav... » Continue Reading

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🍰 my kin list

Category: Blogging

 Tomoko Kuroki - WATATMOTE   Yoon bum - KILLING STALKING Yuri - DOKI DOKI    Stocking - PANTY AND STOCKING Midari Ikishima - KAKEGURUI  Naomi tanizaki BSD  Oswald cobblepot - gotham Judge me based off of my kins pleeasse » Continue Reading

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