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‼️TW:self Harm‼️ sad hours

Category: Writing and Poetry

. . . place the lace tightly around your face cover your eyes so you don't cry . . . tie the knots around your arm grit your teeth tight as can be . . . slice and dice in the public eye post these photos for all to see please just look at me I can play this game I can stand the pain if it makes you all like me... . . . » Continue Reading

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Sleep deprivation (Poem)

Category: Writing and Poetry

No matter what I try I just can't sleep through the night My brain can't stop thinking My eyes are full of blight ... Sleep deprivation. Can it be? All just a hallucination, It keeps torturing me. ... I just want to go to sleep. » Continue Reading

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Hoping and dreaming of a love that never was... (Poem)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Pain and regret. Disloyal and hurtful. My life is such a mess. My brain never blessed. ... Sad and asleep, My brain always eats away at my thoughts and dreams. ... Foul it seems to think of such things, such hopeful thoughts of a monogamy. ... True love hurts like a poisonous sting from a bright and beautiful bug. All of this false hope and love contained in one massive bear hug. ... I gave my all... » Continue Reading

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Depression is a war (Poem)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Depression is a war. A battle against yourself. Every thought is a Bullet. Every movement is a punch. Every word is a stab in the chest. ... Depression is a thief. It steals everything you once had. Everything left behind is a thing you keep trapped. ... Depression is murder. It killed the boy I used to be. I look in the mirror. And see this thing. ... Depression is a zombie. You're alive but dead... » Continue Reading

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