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"I wish Tweek and Craig would make a baby. I’d be such a cool aunt"

God save my brother and his homosexuality

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DNI, BYI, and Interests thing!!! /ooc

Category: SpaceHey

~Dni~ Basic DNI PRO/COMSHIPPERS. I cannot stress this enough KYM*N SHIPPERS Overly horny ppl, like I can handle the occasional suggestive comment/bulletin but if it’s like the only thing you post about… yknow (sorry) Honestly you don’t even have to worry about it, if I haven’t unfriended you then ur good!! People who sexualize things that should NOT be sexualized!!!! ppl who hate cats for no valid... » Continue Reading

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Why YOU should not ship kyman

Category: Romance and Relationships

Hi. If you feel like you’ve read this before, you probably have, I just put it in a blog so it doesn’t vanish + I added a little bonus paragraph at the end. If you haven’t read this before, enjoy me ranting about characters that don’t even exist!!! ^_^ So normally, when I come across kyman content I just scroll or block whoever made it, but I recently came across a community post that really ticke... » Continue Reading

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Very long Kenny McCormick hc

Category: Writing and Poetry

!!!Small rant before we start!!! (You can skip if ur just here for the hc’s) I find that a lot of people who hate Kenny or call him overrated just see him as a poor horny kid when he has a lot more depth to his character than just those two things. Actually, I find that whenever people call ANY character overrated, they’re just trying to be different or they’re being shallow.  If a character is po... » Continue Reading

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