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"Currently writing my own yaoi manga :3"

I'm very autistic. I'M A MINOR

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Mood: MY PRONOUNS ARE ZE/ZIR PUP/PUPS. Also Im genderfluidmasc, and bi!

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A little rant on people who hate neo-genders/pronouns

Category: Life

I legit don't get why people hate neo-ganders/pronouns. Its not hurting anyone, Its not fucking doing ANYTHING but letting people express themself!! But these little assholes running around  going "OH I DON'T GET IT SO ITS WRONG" or "FUCK THIS IM NOT USING UR MADE UP SHIT" Like fuck off- let people be people, if you don't like it then shut the FUCK up and let us do our thing. I hate that people ca... » Continue Reading

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