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i'm delusional..!!

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Category: Friends

hi guyz!! :DDD i haven't been active at all lmao, zorry! i juzt wanted to check in with all of you zoooo, how are you all! howz your week been? anything exciting happening or happened? im open to hear about juzt anything! (almozt anything, at leazt lol). if you wanna rant to zomeone, go ahead! im all earz! :D  i really wanna interact with all of you again » Continue Reading

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hi guyz! :D

Category: SpaceHey

i haven't been on here in like.. a few monthz :p how iz everyone?  i found one of my favorite hatz thiz morning! its a pikachu hat w/ pokeballz (lol) handing from the zidez! and one of my beztfriendz gave me a pin that zayz "rawr » Continue Reading

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any music recommendations??

Category: Music

hihi!! im rlly bored and i wanna listen to some music :P i don't care abt the genre, i'll listen to mostly anything!! » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

I GOT MY NEW PHONE YEZTERDAY AND IM ZUPER HAPPY ABOUT IT!  itz rlly weird not having a phone with crackz n ztuff..- :3 anyway, how iz everyone today?  did you eat zomething? did you do zomething you enjoy? i hope you're all doing well!! » Continue Reading

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hi! quick checkup? ily! <3

Category: SpaceHey

im.. im broed hi :33 anyway, how are all of you?? didja drink some water today? didja eat at least one thing? if ya did, whatd ya eat? you're looking mighty fine btw ahehhahesafdasf if i do say so myself » Continue Reading

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hate it here. (TW ED)

Category: School, College, University

school is dumb, everything is dumb, and i want to go home and sleep. a teacher last period commented on how skinny i was and said "put some meat on those bones!" ... sir what? don't tell people that? i've been struggling keeping down my food and all ive been eating is the shitty lunch nacho's and some snacks my friend gives me in that class. i hate that class and the dumbass teachers, i hate this ... » Continue Reading

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oh hi

Category: Blogging

guezz i zhould do thiz, huh? hi! i wanted to add that i have an occazional typing quirk.~ I didn't know where to put thiz information and i didn't want to go back and mezz with zomething already on my page ^o^;; anywayz, have a great day~!!   ^___^ (0 w 0)  (>    )>   V  V » Continue Reading

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