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post masterlist created on september 17th of 2023 at 14:43 EST (2:43pm) published on  september 17th of 2023 at 15:25 EST (3:25) last updated on release date (added blog requests as well as other things. cleaned up some formatting) currently planned posts possible education posts ...infodumps (sorry.) (no im not.) darcy info post general posts introduction post (currently working on) byf + dni blo... » Continue Reading

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blog requests

Category: Blogging

here you can post comments requesting for us to make a post about something. it can be an educational post, an opinion post (no discourse obv but like. "whats my opinion on naruto". stuff like that!), or just asking a question gonna treat it similarly to tumblr i guess? » Continue Reading

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temporary intro

Category: Blogging

uh idk how to make this look decent but helloooo we're a highly complex DID system, we wont speak on our headcount as of right now but it is. a lot! so im not the host (my name is sam. hi.) she (the host) was the one working on this.. but yeah uh doing this for you girlie you better appreciate it.. uh keep in mind that we are extremely mentally ill, neurodivergent and are just not okay most of the... » Continue Reading

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